December News

soundwave ((4)) festival 

((green sound)) 

I have been invited to participate with a sound-installation at San Fransiscos biennal sonic arts festival:

“Soundscape Røst and Røst Puffin Colony” is invited to the fourth season of the Soundwave Festival entitled GREEN SOUND happening June through August 2010. The committee and I are excited for its addition to GREEN SOUND, exploring imaginations between sound and the environment.”

I will post a new page about the project this week. I am very excited for the Puffins and for myself and Jason Rosenberg, a New York based artist I´m collaborating with. Quick summery of installation:

Soundscape Røst and Røst Puffin Colony

A sound and multimedia-installation documenting and examining the state of the Atlantic Puffins breeding colony on the archipelago of Røst, Northern Norway, and an investigation into the Røst Soundscape and the contemporary and historical importance of the Puffin Colony for the inhabitants of Røst.



Recording Sound Of Puffin at Mykines, Summer 2008

About Elin Øyen Vister

Soundartist, composer, DJ
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