Lydinnstallasjon “Marmelen- Eventyrbru” for Zahlfjøsen Galleri, Kjerringøy

I have just been comissioned to create a sound installation for the local gallery Zahlfjøsen, here at Kjerringøy .

Title will be “Marmelen-Eventyrbru”. A soundscuplture situated at a small bridge on the path. A dead three hangs over the bridge and I hope to keep it there for a part “acoustic” installation. It is made for children all ages and is inspired by the Northern Norwegian (And faroese, Islandic, Shetland Islands and Scottish) fairytale – sagn figure, Marmelen. A little talkative creature of a fish/man that will bring you fishing luck.  A cool little creature.
It will be outside on a path called “Zahls Vandresti”, a sculpture path. Ane Øverås will also contribute with a sculpture and so will boatbilder Ulf Mikalsen. Opening first weekend of July.

About Elin Øyen Vister

Soundartist, composer, DJ
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