Nordic Soundart Workshop # 2


NSA Workshop, Bergen

From NSA Workshop in Malmø

I`m currently doing a MFA at Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts. KIT NTNU and I am

following a 2 year program named Nordic Sound Art. It is a joint study program between the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Kunsthøgskolan i Malmø, Kunsthøyskolen i Begren, The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and KIT NTNU

This week we are dealing with noise.

I will post some pictures and sounds of works I have done once the workshop has ended. Info:

The next NSA workshop will take place at KHIB, Bergen with the sound artist Brandon Labelle.
Nov. 1 – nov. 12.

Project Noise

Nordic Sound Art Program workshop: Noise functions as a primary theme within the practice of sound art and experimental sonic practices, giving way to methods of composition, sonic manipulation, and sound installation. The workshop will focus on noise as a subject, combining theoretical / historical presentation and discussion along with material production. Using noise as a main thread, a historical and theoretical overview of sound art will be mapped. From the Futurists “art of noise” through to Fluxus performance …Link to Nordic Sound Art website:

About Elin Øyen Vister

Soundartist, composer, DJ
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