NSA Field Recording workshop with Jana Winderen

Me and my fellow Nordic Sound Art student have just spent a short week on Hitra enjoying the knowledge and company of :
Jana Winderen, http://www.janawinderen.com/
Carsten Seiffart, Singuhr Hörgalerie, Berlin: http://www.singuhr.de/
Per Platou http://www.perplatou.net/
Professor Asbjørn Tiller, http://www.ntnu.no/ansatte/asbjorn.tiller and super organisor and associate
professor of KIT, NTNU, Ivar Smedstad, http://www.pixelpunx.com/
Hitra is an island off the coast off Trøndelag. We got there by the coastal-express boat and the a bus to Dolmsundet closest to our final destination of Hopsjø. Hopsjø is an old trading post and there are many stories connected to it¨s place and history. NTNU, the university owns an old fabric and it was a perfect place to keep a workshop.
I spent a few days testing my own equipment, gearing up for field work /season 2 of Soundscape Røs. HIglight was getting to listen out for cod with a DPA hydraphone, together with Jana Winderen and fellow students. Wonderful. The cod was acting pretty quiet, but it didn´t matter as listening underwater out on the sea on a beautiful springday was very satistfying indeed. I highly recommend you to check out her music, approach and works on her extensive webpage.
I got to try out a Telinga Pro7 parabol microphone system. It excites me how you can direct the sound you listen, follow and catch with this directional system. It was a very personal and wonderful recording experience. Zooming in on soundscapes is new to me. I have got a pair of DPA 4060 and have mainly been recording mono or stereo recordings with these small and rugged mics onto my Soundevices 702 recorder. Telinga is a great Swedish company that specializes in field recording equipment and parabols. (www.telinga.com).On my first day at hitra I walked out into a small snowstorm and quite randomly caught some bird sounds I cannot identify as well as the distant squeek of a metal- cloathing hanger rustling in the wind. What a duet! Here´s a small ear taster for you to enjoy:
I also left my equipment out overnight in a very special hunters bag/frock and tried to set a timer for a recording. I never managed to get it right…To be continued. Well I did put two DPA´s up in pine threes, hoping to catch some bird sounds and some deer sounds at night/dusk. I did get some nice bird details after all, but sadly no deers gnawing on last years grass…
A great practise ! Thanks to Nordic Sound Art program for treating us so well!

About Elin Øyen Vister

Soundartist, composer, DJ
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