SEAPOP seminar, in Tromsø last week!

Rødnebbterne - foto: Tycho Anker-Nilssen

The third Seapop seminar, and my first, was arranged and held at Framsenteret in Tromsø last week. The seminar dealt with the latest news on the situation of Norwegian seabirds, ecosystem monitoring and reports from various ongoing monitoring programs.
There was a lot of exciting news about new technology for monitoring; using satelite senders, light -and other types of sensors that are lightweight and can be attached to birds. Results from 2008 uptil now tell us more about the seabirds migration routes and offshore movement and activity throughout the season. I also recommed the Seapop 2010 report, which gives a status of Norwegian Seabirds in 2010: And it´s also uplifting to read about 2010 being a good year for most birds on Spitsbergen and on Hornøya, East Finnmark, when the coastal population are struggeling badly!
SEAPOP (SEAbird POPulations) is a new and long-term monitoring and mapping programme for Norwegian seabirds that was established in 2005. The programme represents a new initiative for these activities in Norway, Svalbard and adjacent sea areas, and will provide and maintain base-line knowledge of seabirds for an improved management of this marine environment. The data analyses aim to develop further models of seabird distribution and population dynamics using different environmental parameters, and to explore the degree of covariation across different sites and species. This knowledge is urgently needed to distinguish human influences from those caused by natural variation.

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