Fieldwork : 10th June-14th Of July at Hernyken Nature Reserve, Røst.

The birdmountains of the Røst archipelago. Foto: Håvard Eggen

I`m ´soon heading off to Røst to experience the second season of fieldwork for  “Soundscape Røst”. This year I am combining my fieldwork with being an assisten for NINA and Seapop biologist Tycho Anker-Nilssen who has spent more than 30 summer`s out on Hernyken Nature reserve in the Røst archipleago.  I should be so lucky!  I will try and post a new sound  and a listening diary every few days as well as write about the situation of the pelagic seabirds. Will the Puffins succeed at breeding this summer? Will the Kittiwakes of Vedøy manage to breed chicks? Will the Guillemot´s hiding in crevices on small islets carry on breeding there? And how are the other gulls and species doing this year?
Towards the end of the period NYC artist and my great friend and birdlover Jason Roseberg will join me to collect more research and documentations of all kinds. Will it become a book of some kind. Time will show. Imagine more than a year has gone allready since I did my first recording on Røst.  A little something from the 2010 season: A great this stillvideo photographer Carsten Aniksdal recorded last summer of the Kittiwake colony on the rooftop of Kårøya Rorbucamping, Røst mainland:

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