Soundscape Røst receives funding from Nordland City council /Insomnia Festival Artist 2011

I am delighted and very happy to inform that I have received financial support of NOK 20000 from the NFK.
The funding will be split 50 % between this season´s fieldwork on Hernyken Nature Reserve and the Røst arrchipelago´s birdmountains, and a production of an exhibition titled:
Soundscape Røst – remixed for Insomnia“, a collaboration between myself and sculpturer Jasmin Hurst:
Which leads me to more great news. I am honoured to be invited to be festivalartist at the magical and superb Insomnia festival in Tromsø this Ocotber 2011. They celebrate their 10th anniversary this year so it will have to be extra special, which  is why I asked  the talented and wonderful artist Jasmin Hurst to collaborate with me. Expect something grand and posetively noisy.  A magical world of sound ! More info to follow regarding this soon.
Read more about the Insomnia festival here:

About Elin Øyen Vister

Soundartist, composer, DJ
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