Art in Nature Land Art Biennale- Nevelsfjord on Kjerringøy!

Elisabeth Lyseng responding by sounding in the sand
This summer I took part in the wonderful Kunst i natur / Art In Nature land art biennale. Situated in stunning natural surroundings in Nevelsfjord, Kjerringøy, Northern Norway. The days and nights are light! We where 16 artist from 5 different countries covering 4 continents sharing this outdoors creating experience. I was deeply inspired by everybodys enthusiasm, spirit, care  and “togetherness”, as a sharp contrast to the unbelievable and monstrous tradgey that happened in Oslo on the 22.of July. Love will conquer all! A deep thanks to every artist participating, making me believe in the communal life! More about my contribution “Lytt! Spill! Lytt og Spill!” here:

“Lytt! Spill! Lytt og Spill!

(Inspired by a deep listening instructions made by the composer Pauline Oliveros.)

My contribution to KIN 2011, was a small collection of self made instruments made out of bone, stone, feathers and rock. I found a wonderful acoustic spot at the far end of Nevelsfjorden. Here, five small birch threes, are gazing out into the fjord and the majestic Trolltind mountain and Sjunkhatten National Park. I wanted to play a natural symphony, responding and including the present soundscape, with instruments made from nature material. All found and made objects, except some sheepbone I collected at Storfjellet on Røst, where gathered in Nevelsfjord during the workshop. I made a written “instruction”, on how you, as a visitor, can tune your listening attention in to this space, and how you can possibly play the instruments. They are still hanging in the five birchthrees. I  also did a small performance (together with fellow KIN participants Elisabeth Lyseng, Zelda Lyseng og Itonje Søimer Guttormsen) in the pouring rain on the opening day, Saturday the 23rd Of July. Someone said it was more like a “silent movie”, as most of the rain and peoples raincoat was louder than our sounds, but that´s part of the fun I guess. Happy accident?
Text is here to download:

Lytt! Spill! Lytt og Spill!

Bowing the backbone of a dolphin sceletonPlacing and playing the instruments in the birch threes.Playing a dolphin jaw. Creating nice percussive/rhytmic sounds.

Read more about our adventures here:

About Elin Øyen Vister

Soundartist, composer, DJ
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