“Play The Kittiwake” will parttake in : H O R I Z O N I C – Unfolding Space through Sound Art, a touring exhibition organized by ARTnord

I am very happy to partake in  the 2012 touring exhibition:

H O R I Z O N I C – Unfolding Space through Sound Art.

The aim of this exhibition is to discover an active, unusual and committed sound art scene from the North Atlantic fringes. As an opportunity for Nordic artists from isolated latitudes to share a personal perception of their soundscapes and experiments, the exhibition HORIZONIC wishes to help ediscover space through the experience of sound. Artists from Canada, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and North Norway, or whose work is related to this area, are thus invited to contribute by works such as performances, installations, videos, interactive settings and documentations about
sound phenomena from their environments.
The exhibition has four confirmed venues:
• LÁ Art Museum, Hveragerdi (Iceland, 15 May-24 June 2012) http://www.listasafnarnesinga.is
• Fogo Island Arts Corporation (Canada, 19 July-26 August) http://www.artscorpfogoisland.ca
• Ystads konstmuseum (Sweden, 17 September-21 October) http://www.konstmuseet.ystad.se
• Les Boréales Festival, Caen (France, 15 November-22 December 2012) http://www.crlbn.fr/les- boreales.

Here is the list of the other participating artists:
— Catrin Andersson (Sweden/Svalbard)
— Goodiepal (Faroe Islands)
— Kira Kira (Iceland)
— Jessie Kleeman and Iben Mondrup (Greenland)
— Dodda Maggy (Iceland)
— Åsa Helena Stjerna (Sweden/Faroe Islands)
— Zin Taylor (Canada)
— Halldór Úlfarsson (Iceland)
— Elin Øyen Vister (Norway)


About Elin Øyen Vister

Soundartist, composer, DJ
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