Adfreeze and Soundscape Røst at Kurant

Cheryl Leonard and Elin Øyen Vister, live imporvisation at Kurant. Photo by Oona Stern.

We had a inspiring time in Tromsø during the Insomnia festival. Soundscape Røst and Adfreeze was apart of the Techno Culture program. Arriving directly from Spitsbergen early Wednesday evening, Cheryl Leonard and Oona Stern, set up the first of several installations from their Arctic Circle residency, in just 2 days.

We also showed the sound and video work by myself and Jason Rosenberg (US) “Pelagic Magic”, which I will post here shortly, and a 1-2-3 quick playful sound and image collage, “Documentation Piece # 1 “, also by myself. As a great bonus you could experience the great cassette work “The Noisies Guys On The Planet”, by Jana Winderen. All in all a lovely experience for us involved and those that visited thank you, and massive thanks goes out to the Insomnia Festival for Future Music and Techno Culture & Kurant Gallery: Kristin, Susanna, Christian, Anders and Maria. Thank you!

Myself and Chery Leonard played an improvised opening concert at Kurant, on Friday the 21st Of October. Here is a quite noisy and slightly distorted recording of the concert, but feel free to listen. Oh and  personally I was very excited that the Norwegian artist Biosphere attended the concert. I am a big fan! Here are some more documentation of the project room/exhibition at Kurant:

Coming Soon!

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