Soundscape Røst – The christmas sound-calender, # 6

This recording was made on a mild and quiet afternoon in mid June 2011 when I was out scouting for Guillemots towards the westside of Hernyken,by the rocky slopes of Johannesura. Johannesura is a beautiful bowler skree, croned by two stone structured named  Johanna og Johannes. This skree has been drawn by one of Norways nationalist artist, Theodor S. Kittelsen in his Publication ” Fra Lofoten-Billeder og Tekst”, (From Lofoten)”, published in the early 1990´s. Here is another wonderful print he made while visiting his sister, who was married to the lighthouse manager.

"Nykene (Fuglebjærget) seet fra Skomvær".Tusj på papir.", Theodor S. Kittelsen

While doing this recording that contains a voiceover at some point, I am standing on a rock amidst the skree with my Røde zeppeliner windshield covering a stereopair of DPA 4060 mic´s.  Puffins and razor bills are passing over my head and I am trying to see if there are any good site for slipping down my mics into a Guillemot nest…

About Elin Øyen Vister

Soundartist, composer, DJ
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