# 9, Soundscape Røst, the christmas sound-calender

# 9

During the breeding season seabirds that are not on their nestsite or out searching for food, stay on the water in rafts. Thousands upon thousands of individuals gatheron the water shore. This soundrecording are facing a raft including north atlantic Puffins, Razor Bills and Guillemots. It was made on the 8th of July, around 5pm on the northside of Hernyken, Røst, facing Trenyken. The water is quiet and there is very little wind.

What you hear is the flapping of wings, birds cleaning their feathers and socializing. Some leave the raft and some approach the raft. Simultaneously there are Puffins swarming, as there are burrows close to the shore, passing by several meters above the microphone. .

Towards the end of the recording a Shag returns to the spot where I placed the mics. He/she was sitting there before I arrived…

About Elin Øyen Vister

Soundartist, composer, DJ
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