# 11, Soundscape Røst, the sound christmas calender

# 11a



”It was a timeless moment. I am anyone who was ever been here and listened at this spot.”

I am standing on top of  a huge slippery rock. Slippery because of the guano. The rain is pouring down and I am becoming soaking wet. But I don´t care. I am mesmorized by the soundworld around me. I have placed two DPA microphones behind my ears, and I´m attempting to do a binaural recording to capture this moment in time.

The is rain rushing down harder and harder and splashing against the ocean, the rocks and the landscape. The geophony of the rain against my surroundings is symphonious. Through the heavy curtain of rain sounds,  seabirds are calling. A few guillemots are rafting out in the ocean in front of me and thery are trying to communicate with familymembers in the bowler skree behind  me. They are louder and more vocal than usual. Maybe so that they be heard through the rain or is it because my presence is less felt/smelt/seen right now? There are also the resonating flapping sound of wings of Puffins swarming in circles above and around me and barely recognisable distant growling of Razor Bills. The biophony of the site is just splendid.
When I return back to the fieldstation half an hour later that evening, I am keen to listen to what I captured on tape.. Will it be anything like I experienced it?  I press play, but  then the recording stosp just after  a little more than 40 seconds. The battery must have gone flat in the middle of the recording! I feel deeply dissapointed.

Later I ask myself, even if I still had the recording, how would I ever be able to communicate this ”sound moment”. The esthetics of the soundspace and this soundmoment in time?

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