Good news about good projects around the world…

Here are a few interesting articles I have come over this christmas. The world renowned American oceanographer Sylvia Earle , was featured on BBC Radio Hardtalk the other day. She is a wonderful, energetic and fantastic nature and ocean enthusiast:

Please read more about the Sylvia Earl alliance here.

And The Guardian writes about “how the impact of birdsong on our creativity and on our sense of wellbeing is to be explored in a three-year research project at the University of Surrey, supported by the National Trust and Surrey Wildlife Trust.The study will examine the psychological impact of being exposed to birdsong, including whether it helps us relax, can assist our ability to complete tasks and even think creatively. Eleanor Ratcliffe, the researcher undertaking the study said while there was a growing body of environmental psychology looking at how the natural world affects people, there was still a lot to understand about the power of specific natural sounds.”

You can read the whole article here:

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