# 15, Soundscape Røst, the sound christmas calender

# 15

My first field recording trip to Røst came about in the early spring of 2010. I took a 3-4 hour long ferry journey from Moskenes in Lofoten to Røst. I arrived late Sunday evening on the 28th of March 2010. I was intensly looking forward to my very first recording expedition self-funded by a dj gig I did the same weekend in Svolvær, Lofoten.

I stayed in a small room at the rugged Røst Havfiskecamping together with seasonal workers from Poland. They where flown in to work twelve hours or more aday at the fish and fishoil factories during the annual Lofot -fisket, that begins in February and ends around March.

Soutwards view towards the ferryquai and the birdmountains

My first few days on Røst where spent walking about. The mainland of Røst is completely flat. The recordings was made with equipment I had rented quite cheaply from NOTAM in Oslo. A battery hungry Tascam recorder and a pair of wonderful Neumann omnis.

Mainland Røst is a cluster of a large and some smallrt islets intertwined, and inbetween theshores the tide comes and goes eternally. It had been a heavy winter so snow was still covering the ground and the birdmoutains. What you hear on this recoding is a close up of shoreside below the snow, pointing down on the seaweed where the tide was slowely sipping through it´s branches. The gulls present I presume are Herring Gulls, Common Gulls and Great Blacked Backed Gulls.

Seaweed by the shore below the last snow of March. Stavøya (Stav Island) an island shaped like a cone can be seen in the back.

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