DJ SunshineFoto: Sigurd Fandango

Child of Klang aka Elin Øyen Vister is a Norwegian artist, composer and DJ. She has studied sound-engineering, music technology, and popular musicology in Norway and England. She is currently doing her MFA at the art academy in Trondheim where she is following a joint study program called Nordic Sound Art. She is also known under the alias DJ

Sunshine, one of Norways most versitile and eclectic DJ´s. In the 1990ìes she was one of the pioners of the Norwegian drum´n´bass scene. She has organised, curated and run festivals, festivalprograms and clubprogram nationwide and she has played records all over the world from Svalbard to Costa Rica.

In June 2009 she relocated to Kjerringøy, an island on the northcoast of Nordland where she begun working with fieldrecordings as the basis of her art practise. Child Of Klang creates works based on her interest in areas such as soundscape, deep listening, deep ecology and bioacoustics. She uses sound as a sculptural element and a narrative, and is deeply fascinated by the acoustics of spaces. Child of Klang also does live performances.

”Soundscape Røst – a sound-documentation project about the changing soundscapes of the Røst archipelago, home to an endagered pelagic
seabird population such as Kittiwakes, Guillemots, Puffins and Razor Bills, is supported by The Arts Council of Norway, Komponistenes
Vederlagsfond and the City Council Of Nordland.





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