Soundings 2: Nordic Sound Art graduation show, opening on the 28th Of April 2012!

At the museum of contemporary art in Roskilde, Denmark:

I will present the installation: Pelagic Magic – The Listening Lounge.

I will also do a performance on opening day plus the following week.
One part of the installation is the release of the first album from the Soundscape Røst project, on LeynarRecordings.

Soundscape Røst : Spaces and Species Vol I
Fieldrecordings from the Røst archipelago, Nordland, Norway 2010-2o11

The record will be pressed by Record Industry on 180 g double vinyl, with a gatefold sleave. The cover will have original artwork by the fantastic Norwegian artist Theodor S. Kittelsen and my friend and collaborator Jason Rosenberg.

I am very happy about it ! It feels like I am giving birth to my first child.
Here is a prewiev of a Kittelsen print that will feature on the LP cover:

Fuglefellene på Røst av Theodor Kittelsen, tegnet i 1880 åra.

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Soundmemories # 1: Lisa driving her Barracuda across the Golden Gate Bridge

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# 15, Soundscape Røst, the sound christmas calender

# 15

My first field recording trip to Røst came about in the early spring of 2010. I took a 3-4 hour long ferry journey from Moskenes in Lofoten to Røst. I arrived late Sunday evening on the 28th of March 2010. I was intensly looking forward to my very first recording expedition self-funded by a dj gig I did the same weekend in Svolvær, Lofoten.

I stayed in a small room at the rugged Røst Havfiskecamping together with seasonal workers from Poland. They where flown in to work twelve hours or more aday at the fish and fishoil factories during the annual Lofot -fisket, that begins in February and ends around March.

Soutwards view towards the ferryquai and the birdmountains

My first few days on Røst where spent walking about. The mainland of Røst is completely flat. The recordings was made with equipment I had rented quite cheaply from NOTAM in Oslo. A battery hungry Tascam recorder and a pair of wonderful Neumann omnis.

Mainland Røst is a cluster of a large and some smallrt islets intertwined, and inbetween theshores the tide comes and goes eternally. It had been a heavy winter so snow was still covering the ground and the birdmoutains. What you hear on this recoding is a close up of shoreside below the snow, pointing down on the seaweed where the tide was slowely sipping through it´s branches. The gulls present I presume are Herring Gulls, Common Gulls and Great Blacked Backed Gulls.

Seaweed by the shore below the last snow of March. Stavøya (Stav Island) an island shaped like a cone can be seen in the back.

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Good news about good projects around the world…

Here are a few interesting articles I have come over this christmas. The world renowned American oceanographer Sylvia Earle , was featured on BBC Radio Hardtalk the other day. She is a wonderful, energetic and fantastic nature and ocean enthusiast:

Please read more about the Sylvia Earl alliance here.

And The Guardian writes about “how the impact of birdsong on our creativity and on our sense of wellbeing is to be explored in a three-year research project at the University of Surrey, supported by the National Trust and Surrey Wildlife Trust.The study will examine the psychological impact of being exposed to birdsong, including whether it helps us relax, can assist our ability to complete tasks and even think creatively. Eleanor Ratcliffe, the researcher undertaking the study said while there was a growing body of environmental psychology looking at how the natural world affects people, there was still a lot to understand about the power of specific natural sounds.”

You can read the whole article here:

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Soundscape Røst christmas calender # 15-24 delayed!

I apologise for the delay with the calender. I have bought a new soundcard as my old one has gone out of use due to an upgrade of OS….Typical… Well. Up and running again now. I will post these days again tomorrow, on the 26th latest!
Thanks for your patience!

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I will wait for you

A Performance by Elin Øyen Vister and Lauri Wuolio

(A work developed at the Nordic Sound Art workshop “Installation, site specificity, gardens and expanded architecture”, by Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman InterArts Center, Malmø Sweden. Dec. 5th – Dec 16th 2011)
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# 14, Soundscape Røst, the sound christmas calender

# 14

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