Recording equipment

Recording equipment, microphones, monitors and fun sound nerding!

Elin recording inside a Puffin skree on Røst. Photo: AHS

I`m always looking into equipment that can fulfill my and other collegues sound dreams; that are long lasting and can and will withstand some heavy excursions into nature. My motto is to buy equipment that hopefully will last a lifetime. It might be more expensive, but it´s somehow “greener”, and the quality comes first. The recordings will also last much longer, as they often can have multiple use. Having said this, I started out with several small pocket recorders from Sony, Marantz, Zoom and so on, and I have made music out of several of these recorded soundscapes. And I have to keep reminding myself that I cannot have everything, but should instead carefully choose whay I really need. I once learned that you should never keep sound or music equipment you don´t use, – give it away/sell it/exchange. I also borrow or rent equipment if it´s necessary and I enjoy letting other artist use my equipment.

Here are a few links to the equipment I am currently using and also links to equipment that I am dreaming of using, into the future. I would also like to say that I have been very fortunate to receive a grant from Statens Kunsterstipend (The State Government Artist Fund) that funded the 702 Sounddevices fieldrecorder and the DPA microphones.


I am using a 702 Sounddevices recorder:

Elin at Gjellfruvær Røst with Telinga Parabol. Photo:Jason Rosenberg


I am using a great pair of DPA 4060´s:

And a cool Parabol mic from the Swedish company Telinga. I have a stereo-Dat mircophone, Telinga Pro7:









Lately I purchased two pair of great homemade contact mics and hydraphones from Jez French Riley: