Soundscape Røst – The Listening Lounge

Soundings 2 – Nordic Sound Art´s mater exhibition at museum of contemporary arts in Roskilde, Denmark, April-May 2012.

Soundscape Røst – The Listening Lounge,  2012

Installation: Turntable, vinyl record, headphones, amplifier, prints

Photo by Maria Laub. Copyright Museet for Samtidskunst i Roskilde.

Elin Øyen Vister works with found sounds. She collects sounds from both nature and urban environments. In the installation Soundscape Røst – The Listening Lounge the listener is submerged in sounds of wave ripples and the twittering of birds. The sounds span from booming roars to the faintest of hums. They derive from the artist’s field recordings captured during the breeding season of 2010-11, on the outermost part of the Lofoten islands, in the Røst archipelago, now transmitted onto the turn table. The room is divided in two parts: A foyer and a listening lounge. The listening lounge offers the artist’s proposition of the ideal setting for listening. Totally secluded from the rest of the world the lounge provides the tranquility necessary to fully appreciate the atmosphere of the archipelago.

Photo by Maria Laub. Copyright Museet for Samtidskunst i Roskilde.

On the wall in the reception drawings from Røst by the Norwegian artist Theordor Kittelsen, are presented along with a map of the different islets from where the various recordings were collected. Here the artist has written short texts commenting on each recording, accompanied by her own voice in the adjacent headphones.

Some of the comments are personal anecdotes whereas others are mere facts about the uniqueness and concentration of birdlife on Røst.

Photo by Christina Kubisch 2012.

Through the very personal and intimate interaction between the listener, the turntable, the drawings, the artist’s private accounts, and descriptions of the archipelago, Elin Øyen Vister seeks to communicate and share her own love for the remote place that Røst is.

The audience is kindly requested to enter the installation one at a time, administrated by a ticket booking system.

The listening lounge ticket

Want to know more:

The Listening lounge is an attempt to create a special situation in which the isolation and darkness help stimulate the very act of listening, hereby cultivate an emotional relation to the unique soundscape of Røst – and to Røst as such. The artist investigates the concepts of deep listeningand sonic awareness  in her work.  These concepts describe the state of intensified acoustic awareness promoted through the listening lounge. The two concepts were originally coined by the American composer and sound artist, Pauline Oliveros. They describe the heightened sensibility in the perception of aural stimuli: We are aware of every detail and every tiny change. Consequently we bond emotionally with the sonic environment.

The recorddplayer inside the listening lounge. Photo: Maria Laub.

Inside the listening lounge. Photo: Maria Laub.