New equipment – Telinga Pro 7 handle with StereoDat microphone and more!

I`m gearing up for my second season of fieldrwork on the birdislands of Røst. This summer I am going on one long trip (5 weeks) compared to four shorter once last season. It will be interesting to see how the material I gather will differ. The coming season will be a true adventure as I will have fantastic access to the different pelagic species and sites as well as general seabird knowledge,  due to assisting biologist Tycho Anker-Nilssen and his NINA collegues on Hernyken Nature reserve. I will also make a trip to Vedøy and Storfjellet, and ofcourse the Kittiwake colony living in and off Kårøya Rorbuer at mainland Røst. My collaborator, artist and photographer Jason Rosenberg  will be joining me towards the end of the stay taking pictures and documenting. We will seek and find Røst-material and treasures for all it´s worth.
A major part of preparing for fieldwork is getting all the equipment ready. I am trying to get just a little bit better every year. The latest addition to my soundrecording equipmentbase is an exciting parabol microphone made by the Swedish company Telinga. The word on the nature-recorder circuit is that “they are the finest handheld parabolic microphones available for nature recording”.
I have invested in a Telinga Pro 7 handle with a StereoDat Microphone. This microphone gives focused sound in mono and the ambience in stereo and has low self noise.  You can read more about the technology behind the Telinga mics and about the parabol effect here:
I also highly recommend a listen and a look at the Telinga site:
A big thanks to Jana Winderen for letting me try her Telinga at the NSA Hitra fieldrecording workshop!

Telina Parabol microphone system

I am also investing in some good waterproof bags, some more DPA windshields, extra large re-chargeable batteries as well as  new rubber boots. Finally and almost most importantly I am looking into a professional portable solar-cell charger. I am ready to go greener and become more self-sufficient energy wise. I would also like to comment that I always make some windshields and small solutions myself. Having every little gadget is not what it is all about, but investing in quality that lasts for a life time is !
And  big thanks to friends from the Underskog website that are staying in my house looking after my lovely co-residents, Shango and Suzie the cutest cats in Sør-Trøndelag!

About Elin Øyen Vister

Soundartist, composer, DJ
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